What does the necklace mean in The Descent? (2023)

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Was Sarah hallucinating in the descent?

The final, indelible shot shows a feral Sarah completely dissociating, hallucinating a vision of her dead daughter sitting in front of a birthday cake, as the cave-people close in on her.

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Was Sarah the killer in the descent?

She lost her family and all her friends whilst Rios has a husband and daughter, so Sarah sacrifices herself for Rios's escape by screaming and making the Crawlers run and kill her.

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What is the creature in the descent?

The Crawlers are the primary antagonists of the 2005 horror film The Descent Part 1, as well as its sequel, The Descent Part 2. They are a race of cave-dwelling humanoids who have adapted to near-constant darkness and lost any previous traces of humanity that they may of once had, becoming monsters in the process.

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Why does the descent have two endings?

As for why The Descent's ending was changed for its American release, that was a decision by distributor Lionsgate. US test audiences found the original ending too bleak and hopeless, so the studio worked with Marshall to come up with a compromise.

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Was Paul cheating on Sarah in The Descent?

During his marriage to Sarah, he had an affair with her friend Juno Kaplan, during which he gave her a pendant with the words 'Love Each Day'. At some point Beth discovered the affair, but remained quiet about it for an unknown reason.

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Is The Descent a metaphor?

'Descent' uses an impactful visual metaphor in the form of drowning and the rising water level as in the influence when one feels overwhelmed with uncontrollable emotions.

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Was Aaron in the last descent real?

Aaron (not a real person) is taken out, and John is heard asking if Aaron is alright. And then . . . John is suddenly dead talking to his unborn son, and the movie ends. There is no explanation of whether rescuers continued their efforts, and if so, what they tried.

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Is the cave in The Descent real?

The film is set in North America but is filmed entirely in the UK. Filming inside real caves was deemed too dangerous and too time-consuming, so an interior cave set was built at Pinewood studios, near London, where all interior scenes took place. Six cave sets were built, in total.

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What is the real ending of The Descent?

In the end, Sarah wakes up at the bottom of the cave, crawls out, and makes her way back to the car. When she is driving away, she pulls over and vomits, and when she leans back into the car, she is startled by the ghost of Juno sitting in the passenger seat. The US version cuts to the credits here.

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Are the creatures in the decent human?

The creatures are human

The mysterious creatures that stalk the group of spelunkers in The Descent aren't supernatural or extraterrestrial in origin. Writer/director Neil Marshall calls them "Crawlers," cave people who diverged from the rest of us at some point in the evolutionary chain.

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Why does Ed feed the crawlers?

He probably decided to feed Rios to the Crawlers in an effort to keep them happy and away from the light in general, or perhaps there was something even more sinister behind his actions. Either way, audiences won't find out as The Descent 3 isn't in the works any time soon.

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What is the canon ending to The Descent?

In the American ending, she escapes only to be confronted with the "ghost" of the friend she killed. Not only is her child and husband dead, but she killed her friend in order to survive (and deal some revenge). She lives, but this will clearly haunt her (literally or not) the rest of her life.

What does the necklace mean in The Descent? (2023)
Was Paul cheating on Sarah with Juno?

Despite their strong friendship, Juno had a secret affair with Sarah's husband Paul, which is not revealed until later on. In the beginning of the film, Juno and Sarah canoed in Scotland with Paul and Sarah's daughter Jessica watching. After the trip was over, Sarah and her family went into their car to drive home.

What is the plot twist in The Descent?

The twist: The film has two endings, and the original European conclusion is a total punch to the gut. One of the girls survives and starts driving away from the horror of the caves, only to realize that she's hallucinating, still trapped, and will soon die at the hands of whatever is lurking down there.

Is The Descent actually scary?

One of the greatest British horrors ever made. Focusing on the fear of claustrophobia with the simple dread of the unknown, The Descent puts likable characters in frightening situations. As a horror fanatic, this film floats at the top of my list of best scary films in recent years.

Who killed Juno in descent?

After taking down a group of crawlers, Sarah—aware of both the affair and Beth's death—stabs Juno through the leg leaving her to die. Of course, whether she dies is contingent on whether audiences take the US or UK ending as canon (and whether The Descent Part 2 is acknowledged).

Was the forest inspired by The Descent?

Development. The Forest was inspired by cult films such as The Descent and Cannibal Holocaust and video games like Don't Starve, and was accepted as part of Steam Greenlight in 2013.

What happened to Beth in The Descent?

Beth finally died at the hands of Sarah through a mercy killing, leaving Sarah bitter and full of hate for Juno after the discovery of the affair she had with her husband, Paul and believing her to be deliberately responsible for injuring Beth.

What is the sunken place a metaphor for?

Peele uses the symbolism of Chris falling into the couch into what seems like an infinite space, called the Sunken Place, a metaphor for the history of slavery.

What does the metaphor Shark mean?

1. : a rapacious crafty person who takes advantage of others often through usury, extortion, or devious means.

What is the best metaphor for language acquisition?

Learning a language is like ... crossing an ocean
  • painting a picture … ...
  • having teeth implanted … ...
  • an oyster … ...
  • getting to know a city … ...
  • playing the violin because the more you practise the easier it will become (Calypso)
  • being stranded on an island … ...
  • riding a rollercoaster …
12 Apr 2017

How did they seal Nutty Putty Cave?

The mouth of Nutty Putty Cave was sealed with concrete Thursday, turning the cavern's 1,400 feet of chutes and tunnels into the final resting place of 26-year-old John Jones.

How long were the 13 in the cave?

Thankfully, the rescue attempt was a success and everybody was rescued from the caves. Despite the brevity of this synopsis, it took 18 days to get the football team out alive.

Did John Jones survive?

Jones died after being trapped for over 24 hours. In 2009, John Jones became stuck while exploring the Nutty Putty Cave near Elberta and died before rescuers could free him. His body was deemed unrecoverable and the cave was sealed off.

What are the creatures in the cave?

In cave systems, these can include cockroaches, mites, woodlice and springtails. Like other habitats, caves have their own food chain. The detritivores rely on bat faeces and are consumed by the next level of predators, such as spiders and pseudoscorpions.

Can the creatures in The Descent see?

They've bred and evolved in the dark. They're supposed to be thought of as cavemen who never left the caves - monsters that nobody would ever want to actually come across, if they existed in real life. Since they have had zero exposure to light, the creatures are completely blind.

Why is The Descent scary?

Fans of the horror genre have become used to settings like haunted houses and isolated cabins but The Descent's setting is truly unique. During the movie, the women explore an undiscovered cave system. The setting is dimly lit and claustrophobic, creating the perfect atmosphere for a horror movie.

Who was the old man at the end of Descent 2?

The old man at the end is Ed Oswald, who operates the mine shaft. At the end of "The Descent: Part 2," Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) screams loudly and draws the crawlers to her, thereby sacrificing herself to give Rios a chance to reach the exit of the cave.

Who is the final girl in The Descent?

Stragglers are left behind, accusations of betrayal fly around, and let's just say that the creatures aren't the only ones to meet their demise at the sharp end of a pickaxe. All of which brings us to the character of Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) who, for all intents and purposes, is our final girl.

Who is cave monster?

Cave Monsters are humans that have been mutated by the cave parasite. Known to locals since the Middle Ages, they have been historically considered demons, and valiant knights would often venture into the caves in an attempt to slay them.

Is the cave the same as The Descent?

Twin Films From Competing Studios

Both films centered around a group of spelunkers trapped in remote caves facing off against a whole mess of creatures coming after them. The Descent was the victor in this matchup, outperforming The Cave both at the box office and with critics.

Does Juno survive descent?

After all of the crawlers are killed, Sarah tries to rescue Juno from the leader, but it slashes Juno's stomach, mortally wounding her. Sarah then kills it before Juno dies in her arms.

What happened at the end of the cave?

Katheryn walks off into the crowded city streets with Tyler giving chase, but he loses her in the throng, helpless in the knowledge that not only is she infected but will likely infect others as well.

Will there be the Descent 3?

With the amount of time that's passed and his general lack of enthusiasm for making another sequel, it appears likely The Descent Part 3 won't be moving forward, at least not anytime soon.

How many worms were used in squirm?

Did you know. The amount of sea worms used in the film was countless, as the production would order shipments of 250,000 Glycera worms at a time.

Is there a descent 2?

The Decent Part 2 is a claustrophobic British horror film, a sequel to the critically acclaimed 2005 horror film The Descent. The film was shot in London and is currently awaiting release in the US, it was released in cinemas in the UK on December 4, 2009.

Did Juno give away the baby?

While Juno initially wants an abortion, she ultimately decides to give the baby up for adoption to a couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring. However, throughout the film, Mark and Vanessa's marriage falls apart, as Mark starts developing feelings for Juno and also feels that he is not ready to be a father.

What did the note from Juno say?

On the wall in the baby's new nursery, Vanessa has framed Juno's note, which reads: "Vanessa: If you're still in, I'm still in. —Juno." The film ends in the summertime with Juno and Paulie playing guitar and singing together, in a happy relationship.

Why did Vanessa leave Juno?

Before the baby is born, Mark and Vanessa divorce because he “has some things he still wants to do.” Basically, he doesn't want to be tied down by a family. Juno decides that Vanessa is still the best parenting option for the baby, despite the woman's emotional unhealthiness.

How many Jumpscares are in The Descent?

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 16 jump scares in The Descent, which has a jump scare rating of 4.0. Jump Scare Rating: Once the horror starts after about 55 minutes it doesn't let up.

Is The Descent a feminist movie?

The Descent is a great, empowering feminist movie that spurred an array of other female character based movies. It's inspirational for the possibility of more horror movies being female-led and introducing more tough, empowering women into cinema.

Is The Descent OK for kids?

Common Sense says. A scary gorefest underground. Not for kids.

Did Sarah imagine the labyrinth?

Henson viewed the main events of the film as a dream of Sarah's, a view that is supported by the fact toys and figures resembling the creatures Sarah encounters in the Labyrinth are seen in her room at the start of the film.

What happened to Sarah in The Descent?

She lost her family and all her friends whilst Rios has a husband and daughter, so Sarah sacrifices herself for Rios's escape by screaming and making the Crawlers run and kill her. Sadly, Sarah's sacrifice appeared to be in vain.

Why does Sarah go back in to cave in Descent 2?

A Sheriff suspects that Sarah has killed her friends and forces her to return to the caves with a rescue team. Even after the UK ending of The Descent, Sarah still manages to get out but is forced back to the uncharted underground to help locate her five missing companions.

Why is Jareth obsessed with Sarah?

When Jareth first saw Sarah he was drawn to her for her creativity and imagination. She believed in creatures like him or could accept such creatures as potentially being real, something rare in the modern world. She was a beautiful and innocent child.

What is the deeper meaning of Labyrinth?

It's that loss that causes Sarah to create the labyrinth in the first place. She doesn't withdraw into that world just for the hell of it; she invents it as a coping mechanism to deal with her loss of innocence. Jareth taking the child is a metaphor for that. He took her innocence, and she wants to get it back.

Is Sarah from Labyrinth autistic?

In real life, we chalk it up to the wooden acting, but in the movie Sarah displays some signs of a disorder, possibly related to Asperger's or Autism.

Does Cthulhu appear in Underwater?

Cthulhu is the main antagonist of the 2020 science-fiction thriller/horror film Underwater.

Did anyone survive in The Descent?

Paul and Jessica are killed, but Sarah survives. One year later, Sarah, Juno, and Beth, as well as friends Sam, Rebecca, and newcomer Holly reunite at a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina for a spelunking adventure.

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