Synonym for trove? (2023)

What's another word for trove?

synonyms for treasure-trove

cache. hoard. inventory. nest egg. stockpile.

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What is the meaning of trove?

: discovery, find. : a valuable collection : treasure. also : haul, collection.

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Which is the closest synonym for the term treasure trove?

Synonyms of treasure trove
  • gold mine.
  • mother lode.
  • repository.
  • mine.
  • argosy.
  • gravy train.
  • wellspring.
  • cornucopia.

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What are examples of trove?

A trove is a valuable collection of something. You might discover a trove of old comic books in the basement of your uncle's house, or a trove of candy bars at the back of a kitchen cabinet.

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Does trove mean treasure?

treasure trove. noun. -ˈtrōv. : treasure that anyone finds. specifically : gold or silver in the form of money, plate, or bullion that is found hidden and whose ownership is not known.

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Is treasure trove a metaphor?

The term treasure trove is often used metaphorically to mean a "valuable find", and hence a source of treasure, or a reserve or repository of valuable things.

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What is the plural of trove?

Noun. trove (plural troves) A treasure trove; a collection of treasure.

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Is trove a Wordle word?

The answer for Wordle 249 is “trove”, which caused an uproar among the game's players this morning, who took to Twitter to complain that there were too many combinations the word could be from the letters it had. “Trove” is also one of the Quordle words for today.

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What does trope mean in slang?

: a word or expression used in a figurative sense : figure of speech. : a common or overused theme or device : cliché the usual horror movie tropes.

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What kind of word is trove?

Noun. A treasure trove; a collection of treasure.

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What is the closest word synonym?

nearest. neighboring. on the side. proximate. side-by-side.

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(Treasure Trove)
What are three synonyms for yearn?

synonyms for yearn
  • ache.
  • chafe.
  • covet.
  • crave.
  • hanker.
  • hunger.
  • itch.
  • pine.

Synonym for trove? (2023)
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